Living Room Furniture 



Style your living room with our sofa furniture ideas that creates the magic around your living space with smart and comfortable sofa sets stacked in every nook and cranny at our store.

High Back Chairs

Spice up your living space or bedroom décor with the elegant High Back Chairs, it has got upholstery sitting space with comfy armrest. Its durable properties keep your furniture looking new for years to come.


Center Table

A Lavish Centre Table which are specially designed and crafted for opulent home interiors. It showcases an excellent finish with a heightened appeal.


Tranquil and trendy Recliners offer up a chic contemporary look that’s simply irresistible with a plush cushioned body and a classic look, it has an upholstered seat and it’s mechanism allows you to lean almost 180 degrees back giving you a seat treat.


TV Cabinets

A beautiful display of your television, the stunning TV Stand provides ample space for your TV, movie and sound system. It features a simple body that makes it perfect for any space. A spacious tabletop and open shelf with drawers provide extra room for all your media needs.


The comfortable Chaise Lounge Sofas are the products that come up with a class for relaxation. Along with absolute functionality, it gives a chic look to your place. Want a change in dimensions? Or a different take on design? Opt for customization & shape it the way you want.


Side Tables

The side tables are an example of functionality and style at its best. It is a perfect accessory for entertaining friends or for lazy Sunday mornings in bed.